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Your Challenge

You rush from place to place to keep up with obligations at home, school, work and socially.

Life keeps moving faster and faster.
It’s a lot and it’s exhausting!
  • While your energy and resistance are being drained, your stress level is going up. You probably experience this as anxiety, irritability, muscle tension, sleeplessness, depression or other serious problems. In other words, you are feeling stress in your life.
  • What is stress?
  • It is the psychosomatic reaction to any stimulus that perceived as disturbing or threatening to ourselves. It occurs when our expectations of an event are not met, and we find it difficult to manage our attitude towards it.
  • Why I must find a way to manage stress?
  • Dr. Paul J. Roach, President of the American Institute of Stress, says that 75 – 90% of health visits are due to stress-related disorders. Excessive stress can contribute to and trigger many health problems including heart disease, hypertension, stroke, depression, sleep, etc. Newer studies of “Atlanta Center for Disease and Control” shows that 90% of all health issues are related with stress.
    Dr. Bruce Lipton’ s research, Professor at the Medical School University of Stanford, revealed that 95% of all diseases and sicknesses are related with stress.
    Many years ago Hippocrates has stated that prevention is better than healing. Since the vast majority of all health issues are based on stress, are you ready to be in charge of your life?

Are you ready and willing to do something about it?

Solutions & Benefits

Nikolaos Magalios has concluded in three different ways to teach you how to be coherent, resilient and healthy. There are one individual and two group training programs, carefully designed to teach you how you can manage depleting emotions and to create and sustain renewing emotions.

The Solution
  • While many researchers today hold that it is our perception of events, not the actual events themselves that cause most of our stress, Heartmath® goes further.
    According to ΗΜ studies it is our emotional responses to our perceptions of events that cause much of our unhealthful stress levels.
  • With minimal time, you can understand your own stress and learn some simple and effective ways to reduce it, increase energy and resilience and renew the joy of life.
  • The key for the success is the appropriate training process.
  • The basic elements of that training are Heartmath techniques and technology.
The Benefits
  • Positive Emotions and Welfare
    Emotions affect directly our mental and physical condition. As a result, positive emotions:
    a) Improve our health and promote longevity
    b) Enhance cognitive flexibility and creativity
    c) Contribute to enhanced perception and innovative problem-solving skills
    d) Promote efficiency, generosity and effective cooperation
  • Upgrading the Quality of Life
    The human body has an inherent capacity for self-healing and regeneration. However, the hectic pace of life, coupled with the uncontrolled mental and emotional activities we are involved in, can suppress this ability. Renewing emotions like compassion, appreciation, and care play an important role in the establishment of coherence. And when we are in coherence we are creating a harmonious inner environment, which can contribute to physical and emotional regeneration and to a high-quality everyday life.

The leader on that training process is Nikolaos Magalios, HeartMath® Certified Trainer and Practitioner. He was introduced to HeartMath techniques and acquires his first training in 2004. He is also a certified EEG Biofeedback Practitioner since 2001. Since he is a regular and experienced trainee, he is able in providing you the appropriate guidance on that journey.

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