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The Heart Path

“Many are the mind’s roads,” says Hellenic national poet Dionysios Solomos.

After a decade of studying and practicing, Nikolaos Magalios created the innovative program: “The Path of the Heart”.
So many ways, directions, details, techniques, levels, training courses; infinite ways, complex and endless movements, with no destination. When we are trying to overcome the challenges of life only through our intellect and rational mind, there will endless limitations.
On the other hand, there’s just one path which is simple and universal; The Path of the Heart

The Training Process:

  • The training process is highly effective and it is completed in a series of seminars or webinars.
  • Under the personal guidance of Nikolaos Magalios, HeartMath® Trainer & Practitioner and EEG Biofeedback Practitioner and through the use of HeartMath’s and other techniques and sophisticated scientific devices (ElectroCardioGram Biofeedback), the trainee learns how to activate breathing and emotions to consciously tune his heart rate.
  • Furthermore, with the support of special music and frequencies, the functions of the brain hemispheres are synchronized and deep psychophysical relaxation is achieved.
  • The Heart Path it is an effective, short-term educational process, which is inspired from tradition mainly ancient Hellenic and Christian Orthodox,
  • based on Science
    Neuroscience, Neurocardiology, Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) etc.
  • and uses effective techniques and technology electrocardiogram and electrodermal biofeedback, HeartMath techniques and technological equipment; devices, programs and applications, hemispheric synchronization frequencies, respiratory, body-movement, body psychotherapy and other techniques etc.
  • The purpose of this training program is to provide the participants with a series of effective techniques so that they can effortlessly enter deeper and/or altered states of consciousness so that they can be relaxed, pray or meditate, and finally live in contact with their hearts.

Is heart only a pump?

According to recent scientific studies, the heart does not only pumps blood around the body but it also generates hormones and neurotransmitters while it possesses its neural network which enables it to feel and ‘think’ independently from the brain. Besides, the heart generates an electromagnetic field; the most powerful field of the body which extends 1.5-2 meters all around the human body. Compared to those of the brain, the heart’s electric field has got a 60 times wider range while its magnetic field is 5.000 times more powerful. This field is affected by our emotions while, in its turn, it affects all the systems, the internal organs, the cells of the body as well as the people with whom we interact and the
environment in general..

Changing Heart Rhythms – Changing Feelings ( just move these arrows )

The heart rate

The heart rate is not stable as a machine; it is constantly changing. This phenomenon known as ‘Heart Rate Variability’ (HRV), can be harmonic, disharmonic or neutral, depending on the emotions we are experiencing at the moment. When we have positive emotions such as joy, love or gratitude, the HRV is harmonic.
HeartMath has discovered that our heart rhythm patterns are the best reflection of our inner state. By adding heart, you can shift in the moment into a state of balance and renewing feelings, such as appreciation, care, love and compassion.

The Benefits:

When we are in a heartfelt state, then we communicate deeper and more meaningful with our Self, the other human beings and Nature.

Personal Communication
When we are connected with the power of our heart, then we begin to honor and trust in ourselves. We accept him just the way he is, we protect and take care of him. Gradually, and as we continue to remain in this state, our hearts became full of respect, kindness, and compassion!
Interpersonal Communication
When we love ourselves, then we begin to project this state spontaneously and naturally to our fellow humans. The deeper we accept and forgive ourselves, the easier we accept and forgive the others: we respect and honor just the way they are, whether we agree or not, with their words and actions!
Transpersonal Communication
By the time respectfulness, understanding, and acceptance are living in our hearts and are expressing in our relationship with our fellow human beings, then, naturally, this state is projected on every living being. We care for and respect Mother Earth and all its creatures: animals, plants, soil. We realize that we are children of Nature and that we are connected with all living beings, so our every move is characterized by kindness, compassion, and respect.

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