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Magalios Nikolaos B.A., B.Sc.

I was born in Larissa city and since childhood, I am training myself in various athletic and noetic activities and I am studying human nature.


In 1992 I received a full scholarship from Southeastern College of Europe and in 1996 I graduated with 3.0 (4.0), with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with major in Management.

In 1993 I participated in the proceedings of the 6th International Congress of Economics on “Business in the New Economic Order”.

From Sept. 1996 to March 1998, I observed my military obligations as a Marine, with the duties of Assistant Officer at the 3rd Bureau of the 505th Marine Corps.

In 2000 I graduated with a grade of 3.8 (4.0) and received the Summa Cum Laude Award from the Southeastern CE Department of Social Sciences, specializing in Psychology, with a bachelor’s degree: “Sound and Music: psychophysiological and therapeutic effects”.
Along with my studies, I worked as a teaching assistant, with the primary task of supervising and supporting students and teachers in the computer and multimedia classroom.

During the last semester of 2000, I worked on organizing – coordinating the activities of the Diodos Alternative Therapies and Psychotherapy Center.

In 2001, guided by my passion to learn more about mind – brain and maximizing brain performance, I traveled to Prague where I trained, in personal courses, in Electroencephalographic (EEG) Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) by Professor of Neurology J. Faber and J. Tyl Ph.D. in Psychology and A. Tylova Ph.D. in Psychology.

During the period 2001-2003, from my need to delve deeper into the body mind relationship, I attended Body Psychotherapy courses at EINA (Hellenic Institute of Neurophysiology and Character Analysis). At the same time, and for six years (2001- 2007), I participated in personal body-psychotherapy sessions with the Psychotherapist and Supervisor at EINA, Panagiotis Stambolis.

At the same time, I attended First Aid classes at the Greek Red Cross, and in 2004, after 15 months of training, I received my diploma as a Red Cross “Samaritan”.

In 2003, I set up in Athens, the “Psychophysiological Education Laboratory”, believing that through healing, education and systematic work, we can bring out our true selves. Since then, I have provided individual sessions and group training to entrepreneurs, business executives, athletes, artists, and students.

In 2004, I started implementing the “Peak Performance Training Program”, in order to train athletes for the 2004 Olympic Summer Games in Triathlon and Pentathlon and in the JUDO team of the “National Athletic Association”.

In the same year, I worked with Alexis Georgoulis, who directed Neil Labute’s black comedy “The Form of Things” at the Ark Theater ..

.. We used deep relaxation techniques, combined with hemispheric synchronization frequencies in the team of actors. Our work was so innovative that it was featured in the Greek Magazine “The Postman”, which devoted eight full pages.

Realizing that the primary causes of our behavior and suffering are in the subconscious mind, in 2005, I traveled to London where I trained in Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Time-Line Therapy by David Shepard.

In 2004, there was a major reversal in my internal world when I became a member of HeartMath Institute, and I introduced myself to Emotional Intelligence and Electrocardiogram (EKG) Biofeedback. I realize that Joy and Happiness, our life’s purpose, is based on our emotions and our ability to manage them. After a decade of studying and practicing, I created the innovative program: “The Path of the Heart”.

Driven by my need to learn more about NLP, in 2006, I participated in the “NLP Supervision Program” under the guidance of Nikolaos Vagiakakos.

That same year, wanting to expand my knowledge of brain training and performance maximization, I traveled to Poland where I trained under the supervision of Andreij Slavinski, creator of Audiostrobe, in creating “Personalized CD Audiovisual Education ».

Between 2013 and 2015 I participated in many Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic seminars with European and American trainers.

In 2018 I was certified as a HeartMath Clinician and in 2019 as a HeartMath Trainer.


In 2011, together with four friends, we founded the “A Dream for Greece” NGO, considering it important and necessary to find the individual dream and then express it in society, by the aim to contribute to the creation of the Greece we envision.
A Dream for Greece WebsiteA Dream for Greece Facebook Page

During 2013-2015, I served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Transpersonal Psychology “Synthesis”.

In 2014, I was a member of the Organizing Committee of the EUROTAS International Congress on Hyperpersonal Psychology 2014, which was held in Georgioupolis, Chania.
At this conference, I had the pleasure and honor to present the original research paper: “Relaxation in Orthodox Tradition: the Path to the Heart“.

The same year, I edited and corrected the translation, from English to Greek, of the book “Personal Security: A Guide for Every Citizen” by forensic and martial arts teacher Katerina Loukopoulou.

My work has been featured in various journals, such as “Focus”, “Real Simple”, etc., and television shows in national (ET-1, NET and ANT-1) and local TV stations (CRETE TV and Creta TV).

Since 2016 I am a member of the Social Cooperative Enterprise “Melitakes”, intending to promote Agroecology, the propagation of traditional seeds, the natural cultivation and processing and packaging of products.
Melitakes WebsiteMelitakes Facebook Page

Finally, since 2006, I have participated as a speaker in various conferences, and in public and private schools in Attica, Chalkida and Crete.

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