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Nikolaos Magalios is working as a Personal Development Trainer in Athens and Crete (Heraklion), using deep relaxation, peak performance training and emotional release techniques.
  • My journey began with earning my first degree in Business Administration and then my second degree in Psychology.
  • In pursuit of a scientific and effective way of managing emotions and maximizing performance, in 2001, I trained in Electroencephalographic (EEG) Biofeedback or more simply Neurofeedback.
  • In December 2003, I introduced to the techniques and became a member of the HeartMath® Institute. Gradually, I began to train, through ElectroCardiac Biofeedback business executives, athletes, pregnant women, mentally and physically ill, students, and others in managing their emotions and in maximizing their performance.

> Why

Do I trust HeartMath?

I trust HeartMath because it is a scientific methodology, which by using cutting-edge technological tools, makes me able to manage my emotions, and especially stress, to maximize performance and release my expressive means and of course deepen my understanding myself and for my fellow men.

When I am healthy and joyful, I feel the need to share feeling to everybody! I am capable of accepting and behaving kindly and compassionately, to myself, to my fellow human beings, and to all sentient beings!

Key Benefits

01. Health

According to scientific research, prolonged and intense stress is responsible for 90% of all diseases and also worsens all mental and physical diseases.
By applying HeartMath’s methodology, we become Coherent: heart and brain, thoughts and emotions are aligned and synchronized while at the physical level, the immune, hormonal and nervous systems work in a coordinated and harmonious manner.
The effectiveness of HeartMath’s technical and technological achievements can help you stay healthy!

02. Relationships

Α life without relationships would not a life. Everything would have been futile and unjoyful. However, most of our problems, the most difficult and more complex, and in all areas of our lives, family, love, work, etc., are caused by the difficulty of accepting the behavior and managing our reaction towards our fellow humans. This reaction causes stress and all stressful emotions, which in turn are creating all the emotional and somatic problems.

03. Work Environment

In a formal United Nations report in 1992, work stress was cited as the disease of the 20th century. In addition, the United Nations International Labor Organization describes labor stress as a “global epidemic” that does not discriminate against nations or occupations.
According to my experience, at the personal and professional level, HeartMath techniques are the most effective scientific solution to work stress. They are used before the action, in order to be strong and resilient, by the time of action, in order be calm and flexible and after the action, in order to release our emotional burden.

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