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According to HeartMath’s® scientific research and clinical trials, there are specific stimuli, which are responsible for specific stressful conditions.

These are the major stressors:

Everyone worries occasionally, but constant worry could signal unhealthy stress and anxiety levels.

Excessive or chronic anxiety can be paralyzing, though maybe not in the normal sense.

People typically can go about much of their daily routine, yet always with an unsettling feeling of anxiousness, urgency or even fear just below the surface.

With all our obligations in today’s world and so much we’d like to do, life can be very challenging. Especially for those who, in addition to managing busy lives, have their sensibilities frayed by the constant blitz of information from news events, e-mail, cell phones and more.

Millions of people today have reached the point at which everything has become too much. Overwhelm, as HeartMath Institute terms it – combined feelings of futility, anxiousness and hopelessness – can settle in for weeks, months or longer, disrupting our own and others’ lives.

As each of us goes about our daily routines and responsibilities we typically don’t think about the possibility that we might simply wear out one day. Activities in the community, entertainment, keeping up with e-mail, social networking, etc. We just keep going.

There are, however, millions each year who, whether because of fatigue brought on by shear physical exhaustion or burnout in the workplace, find it nearly impossible to keep up the pace.

Research indicates stress is a leading cause of abnormal sleep patterns and a common trigger for both short-term and chronic insomnia. Stress can result from health concerns, depression and anxiety among other causes. Especially common causes are today’s lifestyles and the rapid pace of modern life. Technology, world events and our ever-increasing knowledge about our world and the universe seem to have put time on a relentless treadmill. Keeping up wears out even the most determined and leads to worry, anxiety and fear, all of which can inhibit sleep.

Adequate sleep on a regular basis is as essential to well-being as the air we breathe. Proper rest is necessary for maintaining cognitive sharpness, emotional balance and cardiovascular health as well as the efficient functioning and synchronization of all our physical systems. Conversely, inadequate sleep can be highly detrimental to health.

Beyond taking care of yourself through diet, exercise and proper rest, are you also paying mind to your quantum nutrients? These are what HeartMath Institute calls the heartfelt positive feelings that fortify our energy systems and nourish our bodies at the cellular level.

Many researchers say our thoughts and feelings are as important as the food and drink we consume, that our mental and emotional diets determine our energy levels, health and well-being more than we realize.

In all the years HeartMath Institute has researched stress and its causes, stress in the workplace has most often topped or appeared high on people’s lists. That includes people seeking HeartMath’s help and hundreds of participants in multiple scientific studies through the years.

In a United Nations report in 1992, work stress was cited as the disease of the 20th century. It has become so widespread and so serious that it is described by the United Nations International Labor Force as a “global epidemic” that does not discriminate against nations or professions.

The Training Process:

  • The Training Process is an effective, short-term educational process, which is based on HeartMath techniques and technological equipment; devices, programs and applications.
    Also, according to the needs of each client we are implementing hemispheric synchronization frequencies, respiratory, body-movement and body-psychotherapy techniques etc.
    The purpose of this training program is to provide the participants with a series of effective techniques so that they can realize and learn how to deactivate the depleting emotions and replace them with renewing emotions.
    In that way, they will establish a new, more coherent baseline in their everyday life and finally live a life full of meaning, gratitude and joy.

  • The training process is highly effective and it is completed at only 5 – 6 personal sessions. We are analyzing your life’s challenges, your stressors, and you are instructed specific techniques in order to establish a new more coherent baseline.
  • Under the guidance of Nikolaos Magalios, HeartMath Trainer & Practitioner and EEG Biofeedback Practitioner and through the use of HeartMath’s and other techniques and sophisticated scientific devices (ElectroCardioGram Biofeedback), the trainee learns how to activate breathing and emotions to consciously tune his heart rate.
  • Furthermore, with the support of special music and frequencies, the brain hemispheres are synchronized and deep psychophysical coherence is achieved.

The Solution:

HeartMath Institute’s long years of scientific research and clinical trials have helped improve thousands of people’s lives worldwide.
Whether you, a friend, or loved one is seeking help for job stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness or another stressful condition, there are proven, easy-to-use and free solutions.

Solution for Anxiety

HMI’s research has found that a highly effective method for alleviating anxiety is engaging the heart’s intelligence to increase heart coherence. A practical way to this in minutes is establishing a smooth and balanced heart-rhythm pattern. A simple technique like HeartMath’s Heart-Focused Breathing® can help you to naturally create a smooth pattern.

You can build your coherence even more while breathing by putting a positive spin on how you feel about and perceive your thoughts and the situations in your life. This is as simple as intentionally focusing on a positive emotion such as appreciation, compassion or caring.

These two easy exercises help to synchronize the branches of the autonomic nervous system and heart-brain interactions. In simpler terms, they create a calming emotional shift.

Our repeated clinical trials with participants of all ages show improvements almost immediately and sustainable benefits with regular practice.

Solution for Overwhelm

HMI researchers found in trials that one of the primary contributors to participants’ feelings of overwhelm was the amount of significance they assigned to the projects, situations and encounters in their lives. Rather than the challenges they were facing, it was this significance/importance that was causing them so much frustration and internal energy drain. (Overwhelm also is commonly experienced when we provide care to others for illness or injury or during the end-of-life stage and assign so much significance that our care turns into overcare.)
The natural solution, researched concluded, seemed to be for people to learn how to take the significance out, so our researchers worked with people experiencing overwhelm. They determined that shifting their emotions helped greatly.
Study participants experiencing a negative emotion such as frustration, fear or anxiety in relation to something in their lives were instructed to intentionally replace it with a positive one such as care, compassion or love. For most participants, this produced immediate benefits, especially relief and internal ease. Sustaining this emotional shift and benefit, of course, is a matter of practice, which many thousands of people have been doing for years.

Solution for Burnout and Fatigue

Each of us has a supply of internal energy available on demand for the smallest tasks and the most arduous endeavours. This assumes, of course, all of our mental, emotional and physical systems are functioning properly – and we are resilient.
HMI defines resilience as the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy. The resilient individual can bounce back and recuperate faster after a long day or week’s work, challenging situations or illnesses. Resiliency even gives us the capacity to neutralize and prevent some of life’s ongoing wear and tea, especially the kind that can weaken our immune system and lead to myriad health problems.
Take care of yourself and the rest will follow
The ultimate aim of HMI’s scientific research since 1991 of stress, emotions and heart-brain interactions has been finding ways people of all ages can improve their lives through self-care. We’ve made some important discoveries. Our research shows, for example, two forms of self-care that can help people experiencing burnout or fatigue are creating more heart-rhythm coherence and self-regulation of emotions.
These are complex internal processes studied by scientists around the world, but achieving their benefits can be simple. All you have to do is practice some easily learned tools a few minutes a day.

Solution for Sleeplessness

HMI researchers say stress creates incoherence in our heart rhythms, and when the heart is out of sync normal sleep patterns can be disrupted.
Coherence is a state of mental, emotional and physical synchronization and balance. It enables us to renew and sustain our energy, minimize fatigue and exhaustion, improve mental abilities and improve our sleep. It allows all of our systems to function properly and improves our ability to take charge of energy distribution and conservation in our daily activities.
Thus, HMI researchers say, it’s not the depletion of internal energy that helps us achieve beneficial sleep or even necessarily fall asleep. Rather, the ability to replenish, sustain and efficiently manage energy ultimately increases the capacity to reset our system for better sleep.

Solution for Energy

Our body is an amazing energy system, constantly expending, replenishing and storing energy. HMI research shows that we can take our energy system to a new level of efficiency by taking control of our emotions and creating heart-rhythm coherence. HMI studies revealed that negative emotions such as anger and anxiety or negative thoughts caused erratic and imbalanced heart-rhythm patterns while positive feelings like compassion or appreciation caused smooth and balanced heart-rhythm patterns.

Negative thoughts and feelings drain our energy and they sap the energy out of so many of the bodies’ processes, especially the immune system, putting our health at risk.
On the opposite, a simple act of compassion, performing a kindness for someone in need, or appreciating a loved one, makes us feel happiness and renewal.

Solution for Job Stress

According to workers, their jobs are stressing them mainly due to heavy workloads, too few breaks, too many hours, job insecurity, poor communication and cooperation. HMI’s research shows, however, that it is workers’ perceptions of workplace matters and their emotional responses to those perceptions that actually are raising their stress levels.
HMI has asked study participants experiencing a negative emotion – fear, for example – to make an emotional shift to a positive emotion. As soon as participants intentionally shifted to a positive emotion, an amazing thing happened: nearly everyone experienced an immediate sense of relief or well-being, or at the very least felt better than before the exercise. Most soon learned from researchers that whatever the new good feeling was, it corresponded to a marked change in their heart-rhythm patterns.

The Benefits

Coherence is an important state you should know about. Raising coherence helps you feel, think and sleep better, do better at work and school and improve communication skills. Learn how your heart, emotions, stress and coherence all relate and how your heart is as smart as your brain and affects almost everything you do.

Learning to control anxiety can be truly life-transforming. The following, which incorporate years of research, are among the key benefits of reducing anxiety.

Benefits of reducing anxiety.
  • Stress hormones decrease.
  • Energy level increases.
  • Stronger, more satisfying relationships.
  • Decrease negative thinking and projections of worst-case scenarios.
  • Overall quality of life improves.
Benefits of Positive Energy
  • Energy used for positive purposes replenishes itself.
  • Look and feel mentally, physically, emotionally healthier.
  • Slows the effects of aging.
Benefits of releasing overwhelm
  • Greater clarity about what you can accomplish.
  • Experience feelings of relief and calm.
  • Become more understanding – of yourself and others.
  • Appreciation for what matters most.
Benefits of Restful Sleep
  • Wake up refreshed, ready for new day.
  • Increased mental awareness, concentration, focus.
  • Body energized and alert; less potential for accidents.
  • Improved memory.
  • Reduced risk of illness, disease.

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